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Using Escape Games for Allocating Work to Interns

A large number of companies are hiring interns for a few months to assist the employees while doing their work. These interns will also get work experience which will help them in their career and are often paid a stipend for their contribution. Understanding the work ethic, the mindset of the intern will help the company place the intern in the right department and assign work accordingly. The human resources department of many companies has realized that one of the better ways to assess the mindset and attitude of the intern is by observing his behavior while playing escape games. Hence Escape Hour can arrange for a wide range of escape games customized to meet the requirement of corporate clients.

The interns working in the company are young and usually enjoying playing video and other games. So they will be happy to play the escape game, where they are confined to the locker room and have to search for clues, solve puzzles to try to exit the room within the allocated time of one hour. The escape rooms have different themes, and depending on the kind of products or services being sold, a suitable theme can be selected. The company can confine all the interns together in the quest room or ask some employees to form a team with the interns for playing the escape game.

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For exiting the escape room in Edmonton within the one-hour time allocated, the members of the team will have to work closely together. They will have to decide the best strategy to find the clues, solve the puzzles. Some members will take the initiative and do the searching for clues while others may be more laid back, and allow the other team members to do all the work. In a few cases, members may be disruptive, waste time, and not allow other members to find the information required. There may also be conflicts between team members on the best way to work together to exit the room. 

Companies in Edmonton, Calgary, or surrounding areas of Alberta Canada, can ask Escape Hour to give feedback on the behavior of the interns while they play the escape game. The game master who is monitoring the team of interns playing the escape game has observed a large number of other teams playing the escape game. So he can give feedback to the human resources department of the company on which interns are more likely to work harder, take the initiative, and should be assigned more challenging work.

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