Which DashCam Records When Your Car Is Off?

Not long ago, before dashcams had been introduced, we used to miss a lot that happened on the road be it amazing footage or a road incident. Today you can capture all these if you have a dashcam installed in your car or truck. Dashcams can come in handy, especially when you are faced with false claims.

While the recording of footage happens while you are driving, you are left wondering what can protect your car when it is off and parked. Your car is not only at risk while on the road. It can be hit or scribbled on while it is parked. You might need a solution that will enable your dashcam to be on even when your car has been turned off.

Is dashcam recording when your car is off possible?

There are several instances when you are not near your car for a long time and anything can happen while you are away. You might go to work in your car and leave it unattended for eight hours, go to a shopping mall with it, or park it outside at night while you sleep. If you look at the number of hours you spend in your car and those that you don’t, you will realize that your car is mostly left unsupervised.

Fortunately, modern dash cams can record footage all around the car even when it is turned off. This means that these dash cams keep your car under 24-hour surveillance. You can use the dashcam to remotely monitor any suspicious activity and if there is an incident, you can use the recorded footage to identify the perpetrators. You can get in touch or visit Eyeride, a leading vehicle camera provider, for top-quality dash cams.

How is the dashcam that records when your car is off powered?

You might be wondering how will the dash cam record footage if the car is off. That is why you should consider buying a dash cam with an internal battery to enable it to capture videos while your car has been switched off. Bear in mind that not all internal dashcam batteries have the capacity to record footage when the car is off. Some are there to maintain date and time settings.

You should buy dash cams with a stronger battery capacity that gives them the ability to record everything even when your car is in parking. On top of that, these cameras can be easily installed in your car without much hassle. You can then be to concentrate on other activities knowing that your car is protected.

Hardwiring the dashcam to the car battery

You can choose to power your dashcam using a car battery instead of buying battery-powered dash cams. In this case, the camera can still be able to record footage even when the car is not on. The camera can be connected to the internal battery allowing it to draw power even when the car is in parking mode.

The process is a little complicated when compared to installing battery-powered dash cams, but considering the dangers your car might be in, it is worth the effort. You can hardwire your dashcam with a universal hardware kit or through the ODB-II port.